Startup Acceleration

We select the best startups of the sector, accelerate their growth with a capital injection and we develop them with the talent and the mentoring of our team of business leaders in the industry. We become strategic partners in the early stage of their development, professionalization and expansion.

Company Builder

We identify projects that provide solutions to specific challenges in the healthcare area.
We combine the experience of our professionals with entrepreneurial teams and we cocreate solutions and help them in areas like business development, business intelligence, finance, law, marketing, etc.

Operational networking in all the region

We are an active part of the health tech ecosystem in Argentina and in the region. We build bridges with public and private entities and civil organizations of the health ecosystem in order to promote value networks and accelerate the integration of our developments in the international market.

We are creating the next generation of healthcare companies

We combine our business experience in healthcare and technology to help transform health-tech startups into global and sustainable businesses. We want to contribute to improve healthcare and save millions of lives worldwide.
With an extensive know-how in this sector and financial support, we help healthcare startups to grow, develop and create new business opportunities.

Open Invitation

Do you have a proposal to improve wellness and health for people? Let’s develop it together.

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